To begin setup of your report, click the Add Report button in the top left corner of the frame and edit the name and add any applicable notes. In the main frame, you can begin customizing the cover page of your report including project name, authoring details, and company logo. Once completed, you can then add as many content sections to your report as desired.



Sections consist of time series graphs, IPI (XY) graphs, Alerts, and Notes. For each section, you can select existing profiles and all of their associated sensor selections, metrics, time period, and custom configuration parameters. Simply select them from the profile list and the profile will be added to your report.


For each Graph, you will have the option to edit the title as well as include additional data - including data table form and a summary of alerts that were triggered in the defined time frame.


Once you have completed with the addition of sections to your report, you can immediately test the report by clicking the Generate Now button. The report will immediately be generated and sent to the email address associated with your sensemetrics account.



Once you are satisfied with the content of your report, schedule automated delivery of your report by enabling the Report Scheduler. You will be able to schedule Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports - with customized parameters for delivery of each within that period.


As a final step, select additional recipients for delivery of your report. Any member of your organization, or organization that your administrator has configured cross-organizational sharing can be selected.





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