Organizations represent a group of people that have access to the same network of Connections, Devices, Sensors, Profiles, and Alerts. An Organization will comprise of Admin and basic users.

Within your organization, users will be able to share and collaborate on different aspects of the network depending on the User Permissions given to them. An Organization may share with users in another organization once Cross Organization Sharing has been configured. 

To navigate to Organization Settings,

1. Hover over the settings in the upper right hand corner.

2. Click on Organization in the dropdown.



*Note: Only Admin users will be able to access the organization settings page. Basic users will be able to see which organization they are in on their profile page. 

Adding Users

Admin will have the ability to add users and set up cross organizational sharing policies unlike basic users. Admin will be in charge of managing the members within their organization.

To add users, navigate to Organization settings and scroll down to Manage Members.



Type in the email address of the desired user and press the Invite button. An invite will be sent out to the users email inviting them to join your organization. Once added, you can change their user type to be Admin or Basic User. 

Once a User has been added, be sure to share any Connections, Profiles, or Alerts with them using Sharing. (*Note: Users will have to have created an account from the invite before anything is able to be shared with them)


Cross Organization Sharing

Users can only share within their own organization unless a cross organization policy has been set up. Once set up, users will be able to seamlessly share across organizations. Setting up a policy will require action from Admin on both organizations.

Step 1

The first step to setting up a cross organization policy is to make your organization public. An organization must be public in order for another to see it.

Once your organization is public, other organizations will be able to search and find your organization to set up a sharing policy.


Step 2

Type in the name of the organization you would like to share with. After typing the first three letters the name should autocomplete. If it does not autocomplete, the organization you are trying to share with has not made themselves public yet.

Enter the full name of the organization and press the Add button. You should now be able to share with anyone within the organization added.

*Note: This will only set up sharing from you to the organization added. If the other organization would like to share with you, they will have to set up a policy of their own.




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