Once populated, the Network module above will show you a list of all connected entities within your network. This is where you will configure and adjust settings, allowing you to collect the Data desired. The Network is broken up into three different entities, Connections, Devices, and Sensors

Connection is simply a connection to your data source. Common Connections may be sensemetrics THREADs or a GeoMoS/Spider Database. 

A Device is something that is plugged directly into a THREAD and used to help collect data. That device can then read the array of sensors that is may contain.

Sensors are the entity that will collect the data, the most important aspect of sensemetrics. Each device can have a multitude of sensors and each sensor will collect a certain type of data.


A Connection can have multiple Devices associated back to it and each Device can have a number of sensors associated with it. All devices and sensors will be associated back to a single Connection. 

At the bottom level, Sensors will be the entity that data is contained at.


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