Enterprise Network Requirements

There are certain network requirements that are necessary in order to use sensemetrics. Internet Browser versions will need to be up to date.

Browser Requirements

Below is a list of the browser versions required to use sensemetrics. Using the version listed or anything newer will ensure usability of the app. We recommend Google Chrome for maximum performance:
  • Google Chrome 16+
  • Firefox 11+
  • Safari 6+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
Enterprise Requirements
If you are using an Enterprise solution, a list of local and external ports that need to be open through the firewall and/or the proxy server are shown below
Local Area Network traffic

  • TCP Port 4000 communication with any sensemetrics THREAD products
  • TCP Port 1900 for UPnP discovery of THREAD devices
  • TCP Port 1433 communication with SQL database sources (Leica GeoMOS, SPIDER)
  • TCP Port 25, 587 or 465 communication with local Mail Server for
  • relay of email notifications
  • UDP Port 123 for time synchronization with local NTP server
  • TCP Port 22 for SSH access by superadmin for system troubleshooting
  • and diagnostics
  • TCP Port 80 for client browser access
  • TCP and UDP Ports 4200 for client browser access

Wide Area Network traffic
  • UDP Port 123 for time synchronization with local NTP server
  • TCP Port 443 communication with external Management servers via encrypted VPN tunnel
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