Sensor Configuration Overview

Sensors will be automatically added to the Sensor Configuration tab once a Device has been added. Some sensors will need additional configuration.

The following Sensors have specific parameters that must be addressed

Below will describe common sensor Parameters


Sensor Parameters

Click directly on a Sensor to navigate to the Modify Sensor page. Here, you can customize sensor settings to best fit your needs.

Reference Date

A reference date will become available when a sensor uses delta calculations. This is most common with any type of Position or Tilt measurement. The reference date will specify the first date used when calculating the amount of change within a certain time frame. 

Structure Azimuth

Structure Azimuth will become an available parameter when using a sensor that measures Position. This field will allow you to orient the Transverse/Longitudinal Axis in any desired direction. It is useful for finding movement in the direction of a specific structure or any point of reference.

Sensor Name

This editable field is how the sensor will be identified in the rest of the sensemetrics modules. This can be changed to whatever the User desires. Filtering can be applied using the name given.


The Device that the Sensor is associated with.

Sampling Interval

This adjustable bar represents how often the sensor will read data. When graphing, data should be shown in intervals relative to this rate.


Enter the coordinates of the Deviceto automatically place that Device in its correct location in Maps.


A user can add anything to this field. These notes will be associated with the sensor which can then be used when filtering. 

 If any changes are made, click save to write the settings.


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