Profiles is an in-app feature across the data analytic modules that allows you to save a layout created and return to it at anytime. Share profiles with other Users within your organization to give them access to the same view. Save graphing, table, map and image profiles to easily access them on the fly.


Above, you will see an example of Map View with multiple profiles created. All settings for each profile will be saved every time you leave the module. Return to a profile to find it exactly the way you left it


Adding a Profile

1.  Click the gear icon  to open the fly out tab

2.  Click the     button to open the Profile Configuration page seen below



3.  Use the "Copy from" option to start with a copy of a previously made profile or do not use this option and create a profile from scratch

4.  Choose a Name that will be used to identify the Profile

5. (Optional) Add a description to the Profile

6. Click Add!


Sharing Profiles

Profiles can be shared with other Users within your Organization using the  button. See the Sharing Data and Profiles Article to learn about setting user permissions for the Users you wish to share with.


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