IPI Plots

The IPI Plotting module is a powerful tool for spatially visualizing an IPI device such as an SAA or DGSI IPI.



IPI Plots Overview


1.  Select "Data" at the top of the page to navigate to the three different data analytic modules.

2.  Select "IPI Plots" to open the In-Place Inclinometer module.

3.  The icon buttons located in section 3 contain features that will help you set up your IPI profile.

  Press the gear icon to view your different IPI Profiles and switch between them. 


Screen_Shot_2017-03-02_at_1.39.05_PM.png The Sensor Selection Tool will prompt you to choose your IPI from a drop down list of available IPI Devices

Screen_Shot_2017-03-02_at_1.41.30_PM.png Use the Lock icon to lock Date/Time between plots

 Select this button to add additional plots to the profile. Up to 2 Plots can be added to each page. Each chart can be used to graph different metrics and time frames.

4.  Select the time range that is plotted on the IPI Plot

5.  The Metric that is shown in the plot is selected here. Click on this area to open a list of all available metrics for the IPI selected.

Click on the units displayed to see different unit options for that Metric.

6.  Specific settings related to each chart are chosen here.

Select how you data will be presented, Polyline (2D), Surface (3D), or Current Shape.

Polyline (2D):

Polyline will display a 2D plot that respresents a single IPI string at different points in time. Each string of connected data points represents an IPI from top to bottom. To gain a sense of time, the plot will display a specified number of instances throughout time. Pick the number of instances with the gear icon in Section 6. 




Surface (3D):

Surface (3D) mode will plot the IPI similar to Polyline mode but with a third axis. The third axis will display time and the plot will be smoothed out continuously over the time frame selected.




Current shape will visually display the IPI in it's actual shape in a three dimensional plot. The User will be able to move the IPI around within the plot space to view it from different angles.


 The Gear icon will open metric related settings that can be adjusted for the selected chart. These will override any settings that are set in the sensor configuration.

In Polyline, Intervals selects how many instances will be displayed within the time frame 


 The Chart Context Menu is where you can print and download the current chart 

 Click the X to delete the chart from the profile.


7.  The Legend helps you identify what point in time you are looking at when in Polyline Mode. This is turned on in section 6. 


8.  Alert Thresholds can be shown on the plot. If an alert is configured for the shown sensor/metric, it will show up in the plot settings (section 3). Check the box next to the alert to display on the plot.

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