Leica GeoMoS and sensemetrics

In order to bring in data from GeoMos, sensemetrics will establish a connection to the GeoMos Host computer. Once completed, all existing projects and data on the GeoMoS Server will be available in sensemetrics. 


sensemetrics integrates with Leica GeoMoS in two distinct ways. sensemetrics can act as the connectivity segment of the whole GeoMoS solution where the THREAD and cloud application connect the Leica instrument with the controlling GeoMoS software.

If connectivity is already established between the instrument and GeoMoS then sensemetrics can provide the data visualization and analytics software.

A visual rendering of the different sensemetrics and GeoMoS integrations is below.



How it Works

When a GeoMos server is added it will be treated as a connection within the sensemetrics framework. Once established, the user will be able to pick and choose which projects to sync with sensemetrics. AMTS's used on the chosen projects will be imported as Devices and each prism measured by that AMTS will act as a Sensor. 


Adding a Leica GeoMoS Server

1. Go to the Connectivity Page and click the mceclip0.png button. 


2. Enter "GeoMoS Server" in the Connection Lookup field


3. Enter the TCP/IP Host of the GeoMoS Server, this will be the external IP address of the Windows machine that's running GeoMoS

4. Enter the TCP/IP Port of the GeoMoS Server, default is 1433.

5. Click Save, the GeoMoS Server will now be added to your organization.



GeoMoS Server Settings

To control which project data is imported into your sensemetrics server, click back into the GeoMoS Connection from the Connections configuration page (see below).


Once in the configuration page, several fields can be modified.


1. The TCP/IP Host can be changed if the GeoMoS server IP changes or if it was entered incorrectly to start.

2. The TCP/IP Port can be changed although this will be a very rare occurrence.

3. Here all the projects that exist on the GeoMoS server can be toggled on or off.

Note: If a project is  it's data will import into sensemetrics. If it's  then the data will not import. If a project was toggled ON and then gets toggled OFF, the data will be removed from sensemetrics, but it can be re-added by toggling it on again.

4. Here the name of the GeoMoS connection can be modified, this will not affect the names of any of the projects.

5. Here users can modify the location of the GeoMoS server. This will not affect the location of any of the AMTS or associated prisms.

6. Here users can add in notes related to the GeoMoS connection.

7. Click mceclip1.png to save the changes made to the GeoMoS connection.

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