Alerts Overview

Alerts notify Users with critical information regarding any sensor with real time notifications and emails. Set Alert actions that perform different functions if an alert is triggerd.



Once populated, the Alerts page above will show you a list of all alerts that have been created. 

There are two different kinds of alerts, Data and Status. Data Alerts notify the User when a data value surpasses a set threshold and Status Alerts notify the User when Connections, Devices, or Sensors have not responded in a set amount of time. Click the links to learn more about what each does and how to set each one up.


Alert Configuration 

Click the Alerts tab to view the Alert Configuration Page. Here, you will see all User specific Alerts that have been created. Alert status/priority will be indicated by the alert color. The priority bar on the left will indicate the priority level of the alert. If the alert is filled with the same color it will indicate that the alert is triggered.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.41.02_AM.png     Yellow indicates a Low level alert. If the alert is filled with yellow, the alert is triggered.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.41.38_AM.png     Orange indicates a Moderate level alert. If the alert is filled with Orange, the alert is triggered.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.41.14_AM.png     Red indicates a High level alert. If the alert is filled with Red, the alert is triggered.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.41.25_AM.png     Purple indicates a Critical level alert. If the alert is filled with Purple, the alert is triggered.


If an alert is grey, this indicates the alert has been disabled.


Alerts will only trigger the first instance it falls within the trigger threshold. This prevents the Alert from sending notifications repeatedly until acknowledged. The User will need to acknowledge and reset an Alert in order for it to trigger again.


Acknowledging Alerts 

Once an Alert has triggered , the User will be notified via the Notification Feed and an Email. The User will then have different options to acknowledge the Alert, this can be done within the Notification, Alert Configuration, or corresponding email. 




Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.52.13_AM.png  This will acknowledge the Alert was triggered and reset the Alert so that it is primed to be triggered again. The Alert will return to an empty white

Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.52.20_AM.png This will acknowledge the alert was triggered and then turn off the alarm so that it cannot be triggered until it is turned on again. The alert will turn grey 

Trigger History

Each time an Alert is triggered, details regarding the instance will be logged in the Trigger History. Each Alert's trigger history can be found when within the Alert's configuration page. 

Click on any of the Trigger instances to open the Alert Trigger Details. 


Sharing Alerts  

Alerts can be shared with additional users the same way Data and Profiles are shared. Visit the Sharing Article to learn how to set the User permissions for an Alert.



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