Data Alerts

Data Alerts allow the user to define a threshold value rule for any sensor data that will trigger an alarm when passed in the indicated direction.



Adding a Data Alert

Step 1: Add Alert

From the Alert Configuration Page, select the  button

Step 2: Select Data:

Make sure "Data" is selected under Alert type

Step 3: Select Sensors:

Push the  button under Choose Sensors to view the sensor selection tool

A Data Alert can have multiple sensors set to trigger as long as they are measured in the same metric

Step 4: Add a Rule

Select the  button to add a new rule. The User will then see the following

Different Calculations will have different options for creating rules. Select the settings desired to trigger the alert then press Add

Step 5: Add additional rules

Multiple rules can be added to any alert. If one of these rules is met, the alert will trigger. If the checkbox is checked, all rules must be met in order to trigger the alert

Step 6: Choose a Name

Add an Alert Name that will be used identify the alert

Step 7: Define Priority

An Alert can be set to Low, Normal, or High. This is a user defined field to help categorize Alerts and notifications

Step 8: Alert ON/OFF

This button  will toggle the Alert On and Off 

Step 9: Add Recipients

Add additional users to be notified when the Alert is triggered. Users added here will receive the same notifications as the user who created the Alert

Step 10: Add Actions

Alerts can perform actions when triggered. Click add action to see a drop down list of available actions for the sensors selected. Click the  to accept the action.


 Set up a Status Alert here

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