LED Status Indication

Status Indication

Both, X and E Series, THREADS have a multicolor LED that will indicate the current state that it is in.


 A Green LED lets you know the THREAD is connected correctly. Depending on the blink pattern, a Green LED will indicate different ON States.


ON: A long green pulse about 5 seconds apart will indicate that the THREAD is ON and connected to the network. This will correlate with a THREAD set to "ALWAYS ON" in the Power Mode field. 



LOW POWER: A short, green, blink in approximately 10 second intervals indicates that the THREAD is in Low Power Mode



 A Red LED lets you know that the THREAD is currently ON but unable to reach the network. 


NO CONNECTION: A red pulse every 5 seconds will indicate that the THREAD cannot reach the network. For Troubleshooting tips on how reconnect your THREAD, see FAQ.



 A Purple LED indicates that the THREAD is booting up.


BOOT: When first booting up the THREAD, the LED will show purple for about 30 to 45 seconds. If the THREAD remains in this state indefinitely, contact sensemetrics support.


 Yellow LED action represents a problem with input voltage



Voltage too High/Low: If you see a Yellow LED sequence that flashes in quick burst of three, this means that the DC input Voltage is either too high of too low. The THREAD will operate within voltages 6-24VDC.

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