Status Alerts

Status Alerts allow the user to define a threshold time span for any sensor that will trigger an alarm when the indicated sensor has not responded in that amount of time.



Adding a Status Alert

Step 1: Add Alert

From the Alert Configuration Page, select the  button. You will then be prompted with the alert set up page above

Step 2: Select Status

Make sure "Status" is selected under Alert type.

Step 3: Select Entity

Push the  button to view the sensor selection tool. and select the Entities you wish to make an alert for

A Status Alert can have multiple Entities set to trigger as long as you wish to use the same determination method for each.

Step 4: Select Trigger Method

There are two types of Status Alerts; Last Observation and Last Accessible.

Last Observation is the most common and is used on any type of Sensor. Each sensor has a user set sampling interval in which the sensor will try to retrieve data. Each time the sensor successfully receives a data point, it logs it as a observation. Using Last observation as the determination method will check when the last observation was logged and will trigger the alert once it has exceeded the set time frame.

Last Accessible: Accessibility indicates that the sensor is available and functioning properly. This implies both connectivity and communication. To determine if an entity is accessible or not, look at the icon associated with each one. If the icon is showing green or blue    then the entity is accessible, if the icon is red  then the entity is not accessible. Using Last accessible as the determination method will check when the sensor was last accessible and will trigger the alert once it has failed for the chosen amount of time


Step 5: Select Duration

Choose the time frame in which the Alert will trigger based on when the last observation or accessibility has been exceed.

Step 6: Choose a Name

Add an Alert Name that will be used to idenify the Alert

Step 7: Define Priority

An Alert can be set to Low, Normal, or High. This is a user defined field to help categorize Alerts and notifications.

Step 8: Alert ON/OFF

This button  will toggle the Alert On and Off 

Step 9: Add Recipients

Add additional users to be notified when the Alert is triggered. Users added here will receive the same notifications as the user who created the Alert

Step 10: Add Actions

Alerts can perform actions when triggered. Click add action to see a drop down list of available actions for the sensors selected. Click the  to accept the action.


 Set up a Data Alert here


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