Within our Connection, Device, and Sensor Hierarchy, Sensors are the lowest, falling beneath connections and Devices. 

Sensors represent the data in sensemetrics. Choose each sensor in any of the data analytic tabs to view data collected from each one.

Once a device has been added, sensors associated with those devices will populate beneath the device automatically. Click the arrow  to drop down a Device's associated sensors. Some sensors will require additional parameters to be configured prior to collecting data.

GeoMos and Spider connections will automatically populate the Sensor tab with Prism or GPS data once they are added.


Below will demonstrate the how the Sensors are configured with regards to the sensors shown above.

Above shows an example where a single Channel Geokon Datalogger Device has been added to a THREAD. The Sensor configuration tab above shows all the sensors that will be associated with that THREAD and Datalogger. The Datalogger automatically produces data for Temperature, and Voltage and the Vibrating Wire is then configured. These three different types of data will be represented as three different Sensors. A Thread will also contain data for Signal Strength, Temperature, and Voltage. These will also be represented as separate sensors.


Sensor Status

The Status of a sensor will always go red if its parent connection goes red. A sensor can also go red independently of the device due to sensor level issues.

 A green indicator represents the sensor is currently connected to the network 

  A red indicator will indicate a sensor that could be powered down or not connected to the network.

 A blue or green moon indicator represents a THREAD/Device that is in Low Power mode


Sensor Functions

Sensors: Press the Arrow do drop down and View a Devices associated sensors.

 Select: Check the box next to any sensor. Mass editing may be performed using the check marks. Editing options will be found at the top of the sensor list.

 Take reading now: This button will prompt all of the selected sensors to take a reading

 Quick Graph: Click the quick graph button to quickly jump to the graphing module for the selected sensors chosen.

 Alert: Click the alarm button to easily create an alert for the currently selected sensors.

 Edit: Use the mass editor to edit any common parameters of the selected sensors.

  Search: Click the magnifying glass to open up the search bar and search among sensors.

 Sort: Sort the sensor list by different sensor properties.


Sensor Configuration

View the Sensor Configuration Overview to learn more about sensor settings.

Using Sensors

Sensors will be selected with the Sensor Selection Tool during Graphing, Mapping, Alerting, and anything else that uses data. 


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