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Once populated, the column on the right hand side of the Network page will show you a list of your connected Devices. Each Device will be associated back to a single connection. How the Device is configured is dependent on the type of connection.

A Device that is associated with a sensemetrics THREAD connection, is something that is connected to the THREAD via one of the two device ports. That device can then have multiple sensors associated with it. 

A Device that is associated with a GeoMos or Spider connection is typically simpler and used to group the sensors beneath it. These will be automatically added when the connection is added.

What is a Device? 

A Device is essentially something that is plugged into the THREAD that is used to configure the sensors associated with that device.

The intermediate entity "Device" is necessary between connection and Sensor because a certain devices may read many different metrics and calculations which each need its own representation. 

In the example above, a Vibrating Wire Datalogger has been added as one of a THREADs Devices. A VW Datalogger can have multiple Piezometers attached to it that each need individual representation. Each of these piezometers will be represented as its own sensor. A Datalogger can read it own voltage and temperature which will both be represented as sensors as well.


Adding a THREAD Device 

A Device must first be added and configured before it shows up in the Device Configuration page. The simple step by step process is described in the Device Configuration Overview. For specific details on adding a more complicated Device, see articles in Advanced Device Configuration.


After a Device has been added, associated sensors will be automatically added underneath the Device. Click the arrow  to drop down a Device's associated sensors. Some sensors will need additional calibration information entered before setup is complete. To Learn more about Sensors, visit the Sensors article or view your associated Device Details for specifics on each Device.

Device Status

The Status of a device will always go red if its parent connection goes red. A Device can also go red independently of the connection due to Device level issues.

 A green indicator represents the Device is currently connected to the network 

  A red indicator will indicate a Device that could be powered down or not connected to the network.

 A blue or green moon indicator represents a THREAD/Device that is in Low Power mode


Device Functions


Sharing a Device: Select the above function to set up User Permissions for this Device. User permissions is performed at the connection level so this will share the entire parent connection along with associated devices. 

Delete: Select this button to delete the current Device. This will delete all Sensors associated with the Device as well. A greyed out trash icon  will indicate you do not have the proper permissions to delete the Device.

 Sensors: Press the Arrow do drop down and View a Devices associated sensors.

Add a Device: Configure a THREAD to use a supported Device on one of it's Device Ports.

 Select: Check the box next to any device and it will check all of it's sensors as well. Mass editing may be performed using the check marks

  Search: Click the magnifying glass to open up the search bar

 Sort: Sort the Connection list by different Connection properties.



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