Setting up Your Network



If you are using sensemetrics THREADs to aggregate your data, this article will explain how to set up the network.


The Gateway


Begin by connecting at least one THREAD directly to your network via the 'Network' port found on the front of the THREAD. This is done using any type of Ethernet cable. This THREAD will then become a "Gateway" and all the other THREAD's can wirelessly connect back to the server through this Gateway.

Power on the THREAD and a green LED indicator will signify the THREAD has successfully reached the server.


You are now ready to power on the rest of the THREADs. With one gateway already setup, any THREADs on and connected wirelessly to the server will be known as "Endpoints".

Endpoints will require a gateway to be on and "Green" in order to be green themselves and talk to the server.

Now that you have this completed, you can continue on to Adding a THREAD to your sensemetrics server.

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