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Once populated, the column on the left hand side of the network tab will show you a list of all connections within your network. To put it simply, a connection is a connection to your data source. A connection can be a sensemetrics THREAD or a GeoMoS/Spider Database. These connections help aggregate the data from any sensor that may be attached to it.



Adding a Connection 

The first step to getting any data is to add a connection. THREADs versus database connections are different in the way they are added and used. Visit the respective links to learn how each connection and it's associated Devices and Sensors are added and configured. 


Connection Status

  A green indicator represents the connection is currently connected to the network 

A red indicator will indicate a connection that could be powered down or not able to establish a connection

 A green moon or blue Connection indicator represents a THREAD that is in Low Power mode


Connection Functions

Sharing a Connection: Select the above function to set up the User Permissions for this connection. This will allow other users within your organization view/edit this connection as well.

Delete: Select this button to delete the current connection. This will delete all Devices and Sensors associated with the connection as well. A greyed out trash icon  will indicate you do not have the proper permissions to delete the connection

Add a Device: Configure a THREAD to use a supported Device on one of it's Device Ports.

 Select: Check the box next to any connection to filter it's Devices and Sensors.

Mass editing may be performed using the check marks

 Use the Gear icon at the top of the column to edit multiple connections at once

  Search: Click the magnifying glass to open up the search bar

 Sort: Sort the Connection list by different Connection properties.


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