Device Configuration Overview

Here, we will learn how to easily configure a device to your sensemetrics THREAD. To find out more about Devices and how they work within your network, see the Devices article.


Adding A Device 

This section will cover how to configure a device on a sensemetrics THREAD. GeoMos and Spider connections will automatically bring in Devices.

1.  Navigate to the Network Module

2.  Press the  button directly on a THREAD to add a Device to it.

3.  You may also add a device from the +Add button in the Devices & Sensors Section



4.  Click the dropdown menu and select the Device you wish to add. Once a Device has been specified, details concerning that specific connection will appear.

5.  Type in the Connect Code of the THREAD that the Device will be connected to. If the desired Connect Code does not appear, you may still need to Add Your THREAD as a Connection.

6.  Next select the THREAD Communication Port that will be used. On the front of the THREAD are two ports labeled PORT 1 and PORT 2. Select the respective port that the device is plugged into. 

7.  Press    to write the settings


Congratulations, you have successfully added a Device! Sensors associated with this device will be automatically populated in the Sensor configuration tab. Visit the article to learn how to about adjustable sensor settings and possible additional configuration.


Advanced Device Configuration

Some Devices will require specific parameters to be entered during configuration. For more information on how to add a specific Device, see the link below.

Modifying a Device

Each Device will have a set of generic settings that can be adjusted. To do this, click on the Device you wish to edit to bring up it's details. 

Thread Connect Code

This is the Connect code of the THREAD that this Device is connected to

Thread Communication Port

This is the Port that the Device is connected to on the THREAD. Only one device can be configured on a device port at once. To change the device configuration, the current device on that port needs to be deleted first.

Device Name

This is the name given to the Device. This is populate automatically but is able to be changed.


Enter the coordinates of the Deviceto automatically place that Device in its correct location in Maps.


A user can add anything to this field. These notes will be associated with the Device which can then be used when filtering. 

 If any changes are made, click  to write the settings.

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