Communication Quality

sensemetrics is constantly evaluating the quality of your network and delivering real time updates. To view your communications quality, hit the Screen_Shot_2017-05-25_at_11.16.40_AM.png button on the left hand side of your Network.


Communications Quality

Three factors are taken into account when evaluating your network quality: Accessibility, Packet loss, and Latency Jitter. 

A deep red will indicate that the Connection is inaccessible or 0. Bright green will indicate an excellent connection or 100. Anything in between indicates that there are some issues present.


Network List

A quick glance at your communications quality can also be viewed from the Network list next to the connection.


The bars can be interpreted just like the bars on a cell phone. Full bars represent an excellent connection while 0 bars indicate a drop out.


Communications quality is also a metric that can be graphed


Quality is represent as a number from 0-100. 



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