Leica Total Station (TM/TS/MS Series)

Ensure that the THREAD is turned on and connected to the Total Station via one of it's Device ports

1.  Navigate to the Network Module

2.  Press the  button directly on a THREAD to add a Device to it. If your THREAD does not appear here, you may still need to Add Your THREAD as a Connection.

3.  You may also add a device from the button in the Devices & Sensors Section 

4.  Begin by typing in "Leica Total Station" and select the name once it autocompletes in the search boxScreen_Shot_2017-04-13_at_2.24.13_PM.png


5.  Type in the Connect Code of the THREAD that the Device will be connected to. It will already be pre-filled if the  button on the THREAD was used. 

6.  Next, select the THREAD communication port that the device is plugged into, Device 1 or 2.

7.  Select the Baud rate of the total station (Default is 115200 for newer AMTS and 9600 for older AMTS)

*If baud rate is unknown, select one at random and press save. This will power on the AMTS allowing you to manually find the baud rate setting on the total station

TM50 Baud Rate

  1. Go to "Instrument (Settings & status Connections)"
  2. Click "Connections"
  3. Click "CS connection Wizard"
  4. Select "Next" on the tabs at the bottom
  5. Select Connect using "Cable" and hit "Next"
  6. Baud Rate should available here

8.  Press  

9.  Take note of the info provided in "Proxy TCP Address" and "Host Address". This will be used when setting up communication in GeoMoS.


10.  In GeoMoS, set up communication to the AMTS using the following settings:

Type: Radio Link
Connection: TCP/IP
IP Address: (Host Address) provided from sensemetrics
Port: (Proxy TCP Address) provided from sensemetrics

11.  Test communication to the Total station in GeoMoS to verify the connection was successful.



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