Import sensors are used to import any type of data that may have been collected at a different time and is not a sensemetrics automated sensor. This will allow you to view data through sensmetrics data engine.

Adding an Import Device



1. Navigate to Network

2. Select +Add from the Devices & Sensors Menu.




3. Select Import from the drop down menu

4. Select which connection to add the sensors too. This helps maintain the sensemetrics structure where all sensors are associated back to a single connection. Create a new sudo connection if one already hasn't been made.

5. Select the sensor type to emulate:

  • Load Cell
  • Position
  • Position (ENH)
  • Temperature
  • Tilt Biaxial
  • Vibrating Wire

6. Select the number of sensors to create. Create one for each sensor you wish to import

7. Hit submit


Import Data

Now that the sensors that you will append your data too have been created, see the Import article on how to actually import the data.

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