Vaisala Weather Station

Ensure that the THREAD is turned on and connected to the Weather Station via one of its Device ports.

1.  Navigate to the Connectivity Module


2.  Press the  button directly on a THREAD to add a Device to it. If your THREAD does not appear here, you may still need to Add Your THREAD as a Connection.

3.  You may also add a device from the  button in the Devices & Sensors section

4.  Begin by typing in "Vaisala Weather Station" and select the name once it autocompletes in the search box.


5.  Type in the Connect Code of the THREAD that the Device will be connected to. It will already be pre-filled if the  button on the THREAD was used. 

6.  Next, select the THREAD communication port that the device is plugged into, Device 1 or 2.

7.  Press    to write the settings. Your weather station should now connect to sensemetrics indicated by a green icon Screen_Shot_2017-03-09_at_12.30.53_PM.png.


Sensor Configuration

Once configured, the individual weather station sensors will populate beneath the weather station Device and can be viewed by clicking the drop-down arrow.


Users can click on the main Vaisala device to access the device's (and all the nested sensors) configuration settings. 


Here you can adjust the following settings.

1.  Users can specify the sampling interval of the sensors.

Note: Changing the sampling frequency of one sensor will apply to all sensors under the weather station device.

2.  Users can modify the Device Name. This will change the name of the device that populates across the webpage.

3.  The Lat, Long and Elevation can be entered here.

Note: Whatever information that is entered here will determine where the sensors populate when using a Georeference Spatial profile.

4.  Notes for the sensor can be added here.


Sensor Installation

When installing a Vaisala WXT520 or WXT530 the sensor must be installed facing North. The bottom of the sensor has an arrow marked with "North".

The sensor should be installed with this "North" arrow facing true North.


Note: If the sensor is not installed facing true North then the Wind Direction sensor data will be incorrect but all other sensor data will be fine.


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