Cloud Network Requirements

There are certain network requirements that are necessary in order to use sensemetrics. Internet Browser versions will need to be up to date as well as WebSockets enabled.

Browser Requirements

Below is a list of the browser versions required to use sensemetrics. Using the version listed or anything newer will ensure usability of the app. We recommend Google Chrome for maximum performance:
  • Google Chrome 16+
  • Firefox 11+
  • Safari 6+
  • Internet Explorer 10+


WebSocket is an Internet communication protocol providing bi-directional data transfer between a web browser and a web server over a single TCP connection. WebSockets facilitate real-time data transfer to and from a server and can greatly enhance the features and usability of web applications.

How to Enable WebSockets

While most network configurations support the use of WebSockets, some networks which feature firewalls or proxy servers can block WebSockets from functioning. If your WebSockets are not enabled, try the following:

- Older web browsers do not support WebSockets, so it is important to keep your browser up to date. 
- If your network uses a firewall, ensure that it is not blocking WebSocket traffic on TCP port 4201. You may need to contact your organization's IT personnel to confirm this.
- If your network uses a proxy server, ensure that it is not blocking WebSocket traffic on TCP port 4201. Since WebSockets are a relatively new protocol, many proxy servers do not support it. Your proxy server may need to be upgraded to enable WebSocket support.
Firewall Requirements
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