Organizational Admin will manage Billing in sensemetrics cloud. Manage credit cards, user usage, and receipts, all from the billing page. Organizations will be billed together as one entity. Only one credit card is required to pay for all of the sensors within the organization.


  Settings -> Billing

Navigate to billing by selecting the settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner. Then select "Billing" from the column on the left.




Update Payment Method

To enter a credit card, navigate to billing and select the Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_11.21.19_AM.png button. Enter the credit card information and press the save button. 

Your credit card will be charged each month the amount due for the data/cellular charges.

Data Usage

Data usage is data directly collected from the sensors configured within your network. Press the  Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_11.21.29_AM.png  button to see the data usage broken down by sensor, user, or by day.




By Sensors: View which sensors within your network are collecting data and how much they are being charged.

By Users: View which Users within your organization own the sensors that are being charged.

By Day: View how much was charged each day and what number of sensors are needed to reach the next bulk discount.


Cell Usage

Press the  Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_11.21.29_AM.png  button to see the cellular usage broken down by THREAD or User.

By THREAD: See which THREADs are using cellular data to connect to the cloud.

By User: See which Users own the THREADs that are using cellular data to connect to the cloud.



Payment History

View your payment history at the bottom of the page. Download any receipt from a transaction using the  download button.


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